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I can go on and on about how great I am. About how successful I am. About how happy I am. About how easy filmmaking is for me, and about a dream of mine. But I’ll be lying. It’s hard. It’s way harder than I could ever imagine it would be. With every little film I make I feel blessed, I feel like I’m one step closer to my dream of directing big movies. But most of the time I look around and all I can see is a deep void all around me, and the scary part is that I can’t see the bottom of it. Welcome to my world. My name is Hank. I’m a filmmaker, screenwriter, YouTuber. I also started a YouTube channel where I’m documenting my filmmaking journey. I was born in Ukraine, migrated to Italy when I was a kid. I came to London at 16 to pursue my dream of becoming a movie director, since then I was all around the globe, chasing that dream. 

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