Being Independent Movie Director

Learn what it takes to be a director.

As a film director, you will be faced with a unique set of challenges that require a strong work ethic, determination, and resilience. From managing high stakes and constant pressure to navigating creative and logistical challenges, this course is designed to prepare you for the demands of the film industry.

  • 1 hour downloadable video
    • What Will You Learn:

    • Do You Need To Go To Film School
    • What Does A Film Director Do
    • Adapting To Independent Director's Life
    • Letting Go Of Your Fears
    • Projecting The Right Energy
    • Dealing With Negativity
    • Dealing With Outside Pressure
    • Keeping Up The Image
    • Working With Actors
    • Working With Crew
    • Knowing Your Departments
    • Networking
    • Do You Need An Agent?
    • Ego Problems

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