How To Make Independent Feature Film On A Budget

Let me show you how to make a film cheap.

I never went to film school, I had to learn everything I know about filmmaking by making mistakes, on my own. And I will never regret I chose that route. Because for the past five years of my life I learned how to not just be a better filmmaker, but also how to make feature films by myself without relying on other people, make films with whatever equipment I have at my disposal be it an expensive cinema camera, an iPhone or even a GoPro. Not just that, but I also learned how to make independent films quick, and make them seem like they costed much more to make than I actually spent to make them. And I would love to share what I have learned with you in this course I designed especially for those who're trying to make a film by themselves, with a limited budget, and trying to get it seen. No matter if you're just starting out or you are an experienced filmmaker already, there's always something to learn.

What Will You Learn

How To Write A Simple Script That Works

How To Cast Actors For Indie Films

How To Organize A Rehearsal

How To Find Locations

How To Schedule A Shoot The Right Way

How To Hire Crew

How To Shoot Your Film The Most Efficient Way

How To Edit Your Film

How To Distribute Your Film