Learn How To Write Independent Film Screenplay

Fastest way to write a screenplay.

You will learn what it takes to write a great screenplay for an independent feature film. With emphasis on independent. Screenwriting is all about storytelling. And having a great script is crucial to keep your film alive and your audience engaged. Learn the difference between studio script and independent film script that can be made into a movie without having to have a big budget. We will dive into tips and techniques that will help you improve your writing and take your screenwriting game to the next level. For years I’ve made independent films and had to make a lot of mistakes. Learn from mine. Let's take that idea in your head and bring it to life. Happy screenwriting.

What Will You Learn

Screenplay Format And What Software To Use

Character Research

How To Write A Good Backstory

Writing A Solid Beginning, Middle And An End

How To Write Great Act I

How To Write Great Act II

How To Write Great Act III

How To Approach Rewrites

Screenwriting Tips