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Outsiders – All Set To Go

Today we have locked the cast for upcoming Outsiders. Film will be filmed in London in July 2021 and released mid August same year. It will be filmed over one day in a real-time manner, meaning as the story progresses, saving production time and ensuring emotional rollercoaster.

Tarik Badwan will play Josh, an emotionally unstable character that is very close to his tipping point. Babs Doodkorte will play Nicole, a sweet and loving personality who has high ambitions and plans in life. And Mark Gillham will play Tony, a man that lives his life day by day, enjoying to the fullest with no regrets.

Film is written by me originally in 2009, then shot in 2015 and lost completely due to technical problems. Now, we’re not just re-shooting it, we made major changes to the story, characters and even the filming style. Film will be shot on a new DJI Pocket 2 camera and anamorphic lenses. I can’t wait to share the final cut with you in August.

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