Edit Entire Feature Film By Yourself

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Follow along as I edit my indie feature film and show you every single step I take to finish this film on my own, purposely using my old computer to demonstrate that anyone can do it.


This course covers everything from organizing raw footage to creating a final master. Learn essential tools like Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and iZotope RX. Perfect for both beginners and experienced filmmakers, this course provides in-depth guidance on every step of the indie film editing process.

What Will You Learn:

  • Organizing Folders and Bins: Streamline your workflow.
  • Preparing Footage for Edit: Set the stage for seamless editing.
  • Importing Files to Premiere Pro: Master file organization.
  • Creating a Timeline: Craft compelling narratives.
  • Creating Closing Credits Roll: Design impactful credits.
  • Creating Film Opening Sequence: Captivate your audience from the start.
  • Editing Your Film: Enhance storytelling through editing.
  • Locking Your Picture: Finalize your edit.
  • Exporting for Color Grade: Transition to DaVinci Resolve.
  • iZotope RX Mastering: Improve audio quality.
  • Preparing for Final Render: Final steps before rendering.
  • Rendering Your Master: Optimal rendering settings.
  • Creating Delivery Formats: Expand distribution options.
  • Adding Subtitles: Broaden accessibility with subtitles.

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2 h 30 mins

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