Independent Film Screenwriting 101

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Screenwriting for independent film is very different from studio writing. There are many things indie filmmakers can’t afford, so we have to adapt to our surroundings and tight budgets, being realistic and creative about what we can achieve. At the same time, we have to tell the best story we possibly can.


This course dives into essential topics like screenplay format, character development, and narrative structure. Learn to craft compelling backstories, strong acts, and refine your script through effective rewriting techniques. Ideal for aspiring screenwriters, this course equips you with the tools and knowledge to transform your ideas into a captivating screenplay.

What Will You Learn:

  • Master screenplay formatting for independent films
  • Develop compelling characters with rich backstories
  • Structure your screenplay for maximum narrative impact
  • Craft strong, engaging acts that drive the story forward
  • Implement effective rewriting techniques to refine your script
  • Research techniques to enhance character authenticity
  • Practical tips for storytelling and screenplay success

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Video Length

60 mins

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1 downloadable resource



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