Master Package: Make A Feature Film On A Tiny Budget

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In this course, I reveal my secrets of impactful filmmaking on a shoestring budget. Dive into writing a script for an indie film, casting, efficient shooting, and much more! Learn how to create high-quality films with minimal resources or entirely by yourself.


From writing a simple yet effective script to casting, organizing rehearsals, finding cost-effective locations, and efficient shooting techniques. You’ll also learn essential editing skills and strategies for distributing your film. Perfect for aspiring filmmakers, this course provides the tools to produce high-quality films with minimal resources.

What Will You Learn:

  • Writing a Simple Script: Craft compelling scripts tailored for minimal budgets.
  • Casting Actors: Discover effective strategies for casting on a shoestring budget.
  • Organizing Rehearsals: Optimize your pre-production process for efficient rehearsals.
  • Finding Locations: Source ideal settings without breaking the bank.
  • Scheduling Shoots: Efficiently plan and execute your shooting schedule.
  • Hiring Crew: Assemble a skilled and budget-friendly crew for your production.
  • Efficient Shooting Techniques: Master shooting techniques that maximize impact.
  • Editing Your Film: Dive into essential post-production editing skills.
  • Distributing Your Film: Navigate the distribution landscape to get your film seen.

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1 h 40 mins

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