Reality Of Being Modern Independent Film Director

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It seems like everyone wants to be a director. But are you ready for what lies ahead? From tough decisions, handling negativity, setbacks, and ups and downs, to mastering collaboration to progress in your career and make better films.


This course covers everything from the decision to attend film school to handling negativity and mastering actor collaboration. Gain valuable insights into the director’s multifaceted role, build resilience, and develop essential networking skills. Perfect for aspiring directors, this course prepares you for the unique challenges and rewards of independent film directing.

What Will You Learn:

  • Film School Decisions: Assess the pros and cons of film school.
  • Director’s Role: Understand the comprehensive duties of a film director.
  • Independent Director’s Life: Adapt to the unique lifestyle of an indie director.
  • Overcoming Fears: Let go of fears that hinder growth.
  • Projecting Energy: Develop the right mindset and energy.
  • Handling Negativity: Deal constructively with criticism.
  • Managing Pressure: Gracefully handle external pressures.
  • Professional Image: Maintain a positive professional image.
  • Actor Collaboration: Effectively work with actors.
  • Crew Collaboration: Foster productive relationships with your crew.
  • Department Roles: Understand key film production departments.
  • Networking: Build essential industry connections.
  • Agent Evaluation: Determine the need for an agent.
  • Ego Management: Navigate ego challenges in the industry.

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