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Screenplay Feedback

Constructive feedback on your script

Are you an indie filmmaker looking to bring your film to life with a great story? Look no further! As an experienced professional, I am here to help you refine your screenplay and create a compelling film that stands out in today's competitive market. With my service, you'll receive personalized feedback on your script, tailored to your unique vision and budget. I understand the challenges that come with indie filmmaking, and my goal is to help you create a standout project that resonates with your audience and sets you apart from the crowd.

From character development and plot structure to dialogue and pacing, I'll provide you with honest and actionable feedback that will help you refine your screenplay and create a compelling film.


  • Screenplay For Short Or Feature Film
  • In PDF Format


"Hank’s insights helped me maximize the impact of my story within limited resources."

- Hanna

"I told Hank that I needed to shoot my script myself. Thanks to his invaluable feedback, my indie film found its voice. He improved the plot structure and helped elevate my story to new heights."

- Anonymous

"My no-budget indie film script transformed into a compelling story. His guidance was crucial in crafting a captivating narrative within the constraints."

- Mike

"His feedback helped me optimize my story and make the most of the budget. Working with Hank was a game-changer for me."

- Anna

"His understanding of the challenges and creative solutions for no-budget projects was spot-on."

- Simon

"Hank's script feedback skills are top-notch, especially for indie filmmakers like me. His insights helped me a lot."

- Anonymous

You’ll be able to upload your script in the next step. Once received, I will provide you with comprehensive feedback within three days.

This is not a screenwriting service, I will not write your screenplay for you.

Every file received is confidential and will be erased from system after your order is delivered (digitally).

I cannot guarantee that any future works of mine will not have similarities to your film, as similarities can arise from common themes, concepts, or elements in the creative process. By using my services, you acknowledge and accept this possibility. I will not be held liable for any alleged similarities between my future works and your film, and you agree to release me from any claims, demands, or damages arising from such similarities by purchasing this service.