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Complete Filmmaker Guide: The Future Filmmakers

I never went to film school, I had to learn everything I know about filmmaking by making mistakes, on my own. My life goal is to inspire and motivate a new generation of filmmakers.

In this course you will learn: how to write a simple script that works; how to cast actors for indie film; how to organize a rehearsal; how to find locations; how to schedule a shoot the right way; how to hire crew; how to shoot your film the most efficient way; how to edit your film; how to distribute your film.

Available on both my website and Udemy learning.

What's Next?

Currently I'm working on Plea: Chapter 1 (working title). I have many more projects in development but because of this pandemic I don't want to look too far in the future. Plea is a horror film inspired by paranormal events around the globe and fear of being alone in an unknown place. 

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